VELAS Community Garden Program

VCommunity Garden1ELAS Community Garden Program encourages community involvement and provides access to Fresh Vegetables and Fruit. Some gardens incorporate Flower Beds and Shrubs creating Beautiful Landscapes in the neighborhood, which gives the residents a sense of community pride.

Volunteers spearhead this program, using their imagination, creativity and designs; implementing a decorative flower and vegetable garden.

Through the process, volunteers  learn what types of Vegetables and Fruits are in season. The gardens are maintained through out the year by the agency and volunteers. This program helps the volunteers and community to connect with the environment.

community_garden_pic_3VELAS Community Garden Program goal is to identify spaces and to develop these gardens. Each garden project takes 2-3 months to coordinate and implement.

The first garden is called The Secret Garden located at Eastman Elementary in East Los Angeles. This site incorporates a living outdoor library with beautiful flowers, seating areas and a mural that is inviting and encourages reading and creativity.

The second garden can be found at the home of the Saucedo family, located in City Terrace/ Whiteside area.

The 3rd garden is located at Pace Harrison Preschool in City Terrace/Whiteside area and includes a sidewalk garden and mural. VELA encourages community members to volunteer their time, talents and imagination towards the beautification of their neighborhoods.Home2.2

To become a VELA Volunteer, Click Here.