IMG_7702 (730x800)VELAS Cocina is a series of Healthy Cooking Classes that are hosted at the VELAS Farmers Markets and at community centers. They are designed to educate Families on the importance of eating meals that are Healthy and Nutritious while using Fresh, High Quality Season Produce from the Farmers Markets. Thus, the program advocates for the Health and Wellness of the communities it serves.

VELAS Cocina provides a bilingual, Step-by-Step demonstration of a recipe that features a Specific Fruit or Vegetable that is in Season and available at the Farmer’s Market. The Interactive Demonstrations elaborate on the nutritional value of each ingredient and attendees are encouraged to ask questions.

Adults and their children who attend the class receive a sample and copy of the recipe. Parents who attend the demonstration are able to learn new Delicious and Healthy Recipes for their families using produce available at the Farmers Market and  how to instill healthier eating habits in their homes.

Healthy Cooking Classes resulted from a collective response to the alarmingly High Rates of DIABETES in East Los Angeles by VELA and its partners: USC Keck Center for Diabetes, the Rose Hills Foundation and the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. VELAS Cocina launched the first Healthy Cooking Class during the summer of 2006 and since then, the Program has become a successful and integral part of Community Health, tripling its class size by its first year of existence.

IMG_7486 (604x800)Volunteering at VELAS Cocina
Volunteering for the Healthy Cooking Classes is Fun, Exciting and Meaningful. There are different levels of participation, including helping to prepare and distribute Food samples, registering class attendees and assisting them in completing class surveys. Volunteers can also participate by developing and executing the class curriculum, coming up with innovative ideas to encourage the community to eat healthy every day. Whichever way a volunteer chooses to participate, the volunteer internalizes the educational goal of the Program, Develops Culinary Skills and gains experience on Nutritional Education and Health Advocacy.


VELAS Cocina
Healthy Cooking Class Schedule and Locations

East Los Angeles Farmers Market
4801 East 3rd Street
Los Angeles, Ca. 90022
Every First Saturday of the Month
Time: 12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m.

Valinda Farmers Market
747 North Rimgrove Drive
Valinda, Ca. 91744
Every first Thursday of the Month
:00 PM—7:00 PM
 Seasonal April 1st through November 19th
Seasonal 1 de Abril a través de 19 de Noviembre

The entire family is invited to participate
To register for the class, please call the VELA office or visit the
VELA Information Booth at the Farmers Market (space is limited)

To become a VELA Volunteer, Click Here.