Mural2VELA partners with several artists for the refurbishing and restoration of murals within the East Los Angeles area that have been vandalized or have deteriorated due to natural elements. The murals display the rich history of East Los Angeles; therefore, revitalizing the neighborhoods. Each muralist works with VELA and volunteers to create and/or refurbish murals to create a sense of pride and bring the community together through murals that bring a greater cultural understanding and camaraderie. The murals have reinvigorated the East Los Angeles artistic community, most notably in the traditional Mexican Fine Arts.

Mr. Dominguez works with the agency to maintain and restore murals in the East Los Angeles area. Preserving and depicting the culture and history of the community within the murals is one of Mr. Dominguez specialties. He works with youth, other artists and the community in developing the concept for the murals being placed throughout East Los Angeles.  Mr. Dominguez started his foundation in 1994 after a decade of manufacturing piñatas and large paper mache figures.

Mural4Artist, Wenceslao Quiroz is a graduate of California State University of Northridge.
Mr. Quiroz was commissioned by the university to paint a mural for the Chicano/a Studies Department. He utilized students from Highland Park to complete this project.  Mr. Quiroz was commissioned by the 1st District in the County of Los Angeles and VELA to work in partnership to create a mural at Belvedere Middle School in East Los Angeles. The mural depicts and showcases the school’s dedication to its prominent music program. Mr. Quiroz chose to interpret music as a universal language, using imagery such as the human heart that represents an important source for musical inspiration and passion.

Mural3Artist, Salvador Sanchez is a local muralist. His passion for painting and his work in the community brought him to VELA. The principal invited VELA to work with her and the students to place a mural on the walls leading into the schools library. VELA partnered with Mr. Sanchez to create a mural at the school. The children in the 4th grade will over see the preservation of the mural and the garden that goes with the theme of the mural.

Another mural created through this project, “La Vida Breve de Alfonso Fulano/The Brief Life of John Doe,” was refurbished by artist David Botello. Botello was chosen for this project since he is one of the original muralists. The muralist was cleaned, had graffiti removed, and repainted. The mural  is the idea of creating the progression of the area, which is shown in three panels.  The first panel is of a Grandfather and grandson with hills in the background and shows community life. The second panel shows some progression of the area with homes, main streets, horses, workers, Brooklyn Market, and more community life.  The third panel shows present time  with the incorporation of the 710 FWY, community events and an increase in community life; in addition the grandfather and grandson are shown in the third panel.  In the panels it shows the same horizon and Maravilla flowers. This is the 4th  mural completed.

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