DSC01216 (747x800)The Handy Worker Program provides homeowners that live in the East Los Angeles, Walnut Park, and Valinda areas with Moderate Home Weatherization or selected Minor Home Repairs and improvements. The program provides Low-Income Families the opportunity to fix these issues or other items in their homes that they otherwise could not afford.

Many Times Families let their homes go without repairing items due to money issues.  And with the current recession Families are still struggling, therefore cutting costs and choosing what is a necessity to pay for has become a priority.  This is where VELAS Handy Worker Program can come in and assist with Minor Home Repairs.

TDSC01789 (492x800)he Services Provided are at No-Cost to the residents and all of the work is done by VELA Staff and Volunteers. The program has completed over 75 homes since 1999, with over 500 volunteers performing the services. As the Sponsoring Agency, VELA provides all of the necessary Tools and Equipment required for this project. Independent Contractors and Organizations contribute their Time, Donations and In-Kind Services to support this program.

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